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Getting to equal 2019: Creating a culture that drives innovation



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Getting to equal 2019: Creating a culture that drives innovation

Getting to equal 2019: Creating a culture that drives innovation

Business leaders play an important role in closing gender gaps in the workplace. Creating a culture of equality can unlock human potential and uncover the key drivers of a workplace culture where there are opportunities to grow, as reflected by research and analysis conducted by multinational professional company Accenture.

Through measuring workplace perceptions of employees, Accenture identified factors that help foster a culture of equality.  From more than 200 personal and workplace factors such as policies, behaviours and collective opinions of employees, Accenture narrowed down these to 40 factors statistically shown to affect advancement and are most likely to enable change.

Innovation encourages economic potential, and innovation mindsets are higher in more gender-equal office cultures than in less equal ones. A survey of 18,000 employees in 27 countries shows that people are more willing and able to innovate in places with promising labour-productivity growth and faster-growing economies.

Accenture’s findings are summarised in this study.


  • Global gross domestic product would increase by up to U$8 trillion by 2028 if innovation mindset in all countries were raised by 10%.
  • Innovation mindset would change if people worked in more-equal cultures: as culture improves, innovation mindset improves. For every 10 percent improvement in culture factors, innovation mindset increases by 10.6 percent.
    Employees in the most-equal cultures see fewer barriers to innovating.
  • Employees in the most-equal cultures are less afraid to fail.
  • A culture of equality, which offers an Empowering Environment, Bold Leadership and Comprehensive Action, enables people from all backgrounds to succeed.
  • Diversity positively influences an innovation mindset, and equality is the multiplier.
  • Business leaders say they empower employees to innovate—but employees are less likely to agree.
  • When it comes to driving innovation, increasing pay is considerably less effective than bolstering a more-equal culture.
  • An Empowering Environment is by far the most important when it comes to enabling innovation. Eight of the 10 strongest factors underpinning innovation are about empowerment.


  • Ellyn Shook
  • Julie Sweet


This report was originally published on the Accenture website.

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