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Gender lens investing landscape: East and South East Asia

Sasakawa Peace Foundation Catalyst at Large SAGANA




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Gender lens investing Impact Investing gender lens investment

Gender lens investing landscape: East and South East Asia

Gender lens investing landscape: East and South East Asia

This report aims to provide a landscape of gender lens investment (GLI) vehicles in both public and private markets and is intended to be used as a baseline to track the size and state of the market over time.

The report is co-authored by the Sasakawa Peace FoundationCatalyst at Large, and SAGANA, and is published for investors interested in GLI and asset managers who wish to create gender lens investment vehicles in East and South East Asia. It includes 33 gender lens investment vehicles, diving into Private Markets, covering venture capital, private equity and private debt funds, and Public Markets, covering public equity and fixed income funds. The basis of the private market data is based on the Wharton Social Impact Initiative and Catalyst at Large Project Sage 3.0, and the basis of the public market data is based on the Veris Wealth Partners Public Market Scan. In addition, the authors conducted over 20 interviews with fund managers to better understand more in-depth the motivation, structure, language, and incentives motivating GLI investment vehicles.


Key Points

  • In a world filled with societal and economic challenges, we need women as leaders and innovators in business. We need to tap into women’s resilience in managing resources, in workforces and as customers.
  • Investment can be used as a tool to shift market behavior and get capital to the funds and firms that are demonstrating and benefitting from gender equity and equality, and seeing the strength of women as a market force and the risk of not paying attention to gender patterns.
  • Women’s entrepreneurship is widely considered as a key to economic stability and GDP growth and sustainable development,8 as well as a source of innovation and business strength.
  • Progress on gender diversity in the investment business has been painfully slow. The investment industry, which includes investment management, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital funds might have one of one of the lowest shares of women in leadership positions.
  • Investors and business leaders are missing market risk by not paying attention to gender, and we are missing a social and societal impact by not addressing this disproportionate lack of access to capital.


Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • GLI Landscape
  • Private Markets
  • Public Markets
  • Investors
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix


This report was originally published on the Sasakawa Peace Foundation website.

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