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East Asia Forum Quarterly Vol.11 No.1: Investing in Women

East Asia Forum Quarterly Vol.11 No.1: Investing in Women

This issue of East Asia Forum Quarterly touches on key economic and social questions that affect gender equality in South East Asia and East Asia, delving beneath the aggregates and measurement challenges. Strengthening the evidence base is critical to building the policy toolkit and shaping public investments that ensure that no woman or man is left behind.

The essays collected here suggest that solutions that might work require urgent but patient and comprehensive economic, institutional and social change based on evidence and research that supports it.


  • Sharing burdens a remedy for falling birthrates
  • Can ‘womenomics’ achieve better work–life balance?
  • Investing in care key to boosting economic growth
  • More than regulation needed to close the gap
  • Finer data for a fairer ASEAN economy
  • ASIAN REVIEW: Is cultural imposition India’s Future? Voters will decide
  • ASIAN REVIEW: Will Asia’s digital integration be derailed?
  • Employers can mobilise a gender-diverse workforce
  • Women-owned businesses face unique barriers
  • Countering sexual harassment in Indonesian schools
  • Networking change from the grassroots up
  • Driving gender reform in Vietnam’s labour code
  • Digital solutions can raise women’s workforce roles
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Investing in Women