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Future-Flex: Mainstreaming Flexibility by Team Design

Diversity Council Australia




Workplace Gender Equality

flexible work mainstreaming flexible work flexibility in the workplace

Future-Flex: Mainstreaming Flexibility by Team Design

Future-Flex: Mainstreaming Flexibility by Team Design

This report presents a set of guidelines on implementing flexible work. It specifically addresses the need for team focus when implementing flexibility in the workplace.

The guidelines were developed for employers across all sectors of the economy and different organisations. They emphasise the need to move away from ad hoc arrangements for individuals and towards involving their teams to redesign work.

Managers and employees in Australian organisations are struggling to implement flexibility in ways that improve performance and well-being. The failure to redesign work with the team is a critical stumbling block.

These guidelines recommend:

  • Reviewing the components of all team members’ jobs (e.g. tasks, duties, responsibilities, location, timing), rather than just one individual employee’s.
  • Having employees and managers work together to come up with team-based flexibility solutions, rather than managers doing this in isolation or with just one employee.


Developed by Diversity Council Australia (DCA), this report was originally published on the DCA website.

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