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Communications and Gender Checklist: Things to Consider

Communications and Gender Checklist: Things to Consider

This short guide outlines tips for how to apply a gender and inclusion lens while developing and reviewing communications materials. The intention is to provide basic guidance to a group of impact investors working as part of the “Investing in Women” initiative supported by Australian Aid’s DFAT program. It aims to serve as a starting point for thinking more deeply and critically about how gender inclusion and gender equality can be embedded into communications products and processes and coupled with gender-lens investing actions and processes that cut across entire operations of investment firms.

Far from exhaustive, this guide is intentionally brief and designed to spur further research and inquiry.


  • Introduction
  • What does gender have to do with communications?
  • Communications and Gender Checklist
    • Written Communications: Some Tips
    • Audiovisual Representation: Some Tips

Source: Value for Women

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