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Champions of Change Coalition 2021 Impact Report

Champions of Change Coalition




Workplace Gender Equality

Champions of Change Coalition 2021 Impact Report

Champions of Change Coalition 2021 Impact Report

The Champions of Change Coalition 2021 Impact Report, published by the Champions of Change Coalition, details action and impact on gender equality, advancing more and diverse women into leadership and building respectful and inclusive working environments for all employees.

The fourth annual Impact Report presents the actions taken from data contributions from more than 180 member organisations operating in Australia and internationally and it is understood to be one of the largest cross-sector voluntary public disclosures on gender equality measures globally.


The Champions of Change Coalition’s overall results this year demonstrate increases in women’s representation in all leadership categories and practical actions taken to accelerate change.

Outcomes from member organisations in 2020-2021 outcomes include:

  • 9% achieved gender balance in recruitment, or a level of women’s representation in recruitment that improved women’s representation in the last year;
  • 3% have rates of women’s promotion that are either gender balanced or greater than women’s representation overall;
  • 2% have policies to enable flexible access to parental leave for all parents (94.5% in 2020);
  • 1% have initiatives in place to support employees experiencing or supporting family/friends experiencing, domestic and family violence (84.5%. in 2020);
  • 5% of Board and executive leadership teams have committed to eradicate sexual harassment and articulated their zero-tolerance position;
  • 0% have established regular reporting on sexual harassment to the Board or executive leadership team.


  • About the Champions of Change Coalition
  • Listening, Learning and Leading with Action2021 in Focus
  • Disrupting the System on Sexual Harassment
  • The Champions of Change Strategy
  • 2020-21 Outcome
  • Our Focus on Action to Accelerate Change
  • Our Focus on Measuring Impact
  • Group Overviews

This report was originally published on the Champions of Change Coalition website.

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