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2019 Impact Report – Male Champions of Change

2019 Impact Report – Male Champions of Change

Since its establishment in 2010, Male Champions of Change (MCC) has been working towards achieving gender equality and advancing more women into leadership positions within organisations.

It is a globally recognised strategy that focuses on shifting gender inequality in the workplace. Part of the strategy involves having powerful and influential men step up beside women leaders to form a high-profile coalition that addresses gender equality issues in their organisations and communities.

The strategy engages members as ‘champions’ not because they are perfect, but because they publicly commit to leading practical, constructive and disruptive actions to accelerate change.

MCC seeks to increase female representation in organisations and to develop conditions and cultures that empower women.

This is the second Male Champions of Change (MCC) coalition-wide Impact Report.


  • About Male Champions of Change
  • The Male Champions of Changer coalition
  • 2019 Outcomes across our coalition
  • Member Groups
  • The Male Champions of Change strategy
  • Our focus on action to accelerate change
  • Our focus on measuring impact
    • MCC Outcome 1 – Gender balance in leadership, recruitment, graduates and promotions
    • MCC Outcome 2 – Pay equity between men and women
    • MCC Outcome 3 – Flexible and inclusive employment experiences
    • MCC Outcome 4 – Leadership, advocacy and impact on gender quality issues
  • Our focus on sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Challenges
  • Appendix
  • Our thanks


This report was originally published on the MCC website.


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