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As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the global economy and society, it becomes more evident that the pandemic is affecting women and men differently and that gender-balanced responses are necessary. Governments and humanitarian organisations have come together in creating strategies for responding to the challenges arising from the pandemic, including the gendered impacts that pose as a threat to the safety, welfare and economic standing of women worldwide. In more ways than one, the COVID-19 pandemic stands in the way of Women’s Economic Empowerment.

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Launching rapid response gender lens financing: The story of RISE

Investing in Women’s James Soukamneuth and Prachi Maheshwari share their insights on the RISE Fund, in an interview published on the Gender Smart Investing website. Read more…


Women’s economic empowerment and leadership are key to COVID-19 crisis recovery—conference

“One simple takeaway I hope you’ll remember is that previous health and economic crises have made pre-existing inequalities worse and they have set back gender inequality. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We know why that’s occurred and so, we can make this crisis different. Let’s do that.”

This was IW CEO Julia Newton-Howes’ inspiring message at the AVPN Virtual Conference. Read more…

COVID-19, economic crisis and gender equality in Asia

Women’s participation in formal employment, political representation, health outcomes and educational achievement declines during and after periods of economic crisis creating a long-term negative impact on women’s human capital formation and economic security. The severity of the impact on women and gender equality depends on the scale and depth of the crisis. Multi-dimensional crises have the strongest impact on women’s socioeconomic equality and economic security. Read more…


Women’s economic empowerment at a time of crisis: can COVID-19 be different?

COVID-19 is a health crisis with far-reaching social and economic consequences, both immediate and stretching into an unpredictable future. Investing in Women recently commissioned a rapid literature review to examine the impacts of COVID-19 and previous pandemics and recessions on the economic position of women.  Read more…


Let’s make women’s economic empowerment part of the ‘new normal’

As the second half of 2020 approaches, we realise how much COVID-19 has directly affected society, the economy, and our everyday lives. Women are disproportionately affected and experience from previous pandemics and economic shocks is clear:  women’s economic security and participation in formal work will be adversely affected, and more so than men’s; and these impacts will be more long-lasting.  To mitigate these risks to women, it is critical for governments, humanitarian organisations and the private sector to include women’s economic empowerment as an essential component of COVID-19 responses. Learn more…


Innovation, reinvention and inclusion: Businesses responding to COVID-19

The Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE)—a partner of Investing in Women—and the Philippine Women’s Economic Network (PhilWEN) presented #WEEconomy: Perspectives on Leading and Learning Through the COVID-19 Crisis, a live webinar that explored various approaches for business leaders to address the challenges during and after the pandemic. Learn more…

RISE Fund – A COVID-19 recovery response to support women’s SMEs in South East Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic has spiralled from a public health emergency to a global humanitarian and economic crisis; and in such crises, women commonly face greater challenges. In response, Investing in Women has launched the RISE Fund – Responsive Interventions Supporting Entrepreneurs – to assist in the recovery of women’s SMEs in the South East Asian region. Learn more…


Latest Resources

Indonesia and COVID-19: Impact on the private sector

07 August 2020

This report focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on private sector workers and employers in Indonesia.

Vietnam and COVID-19: Impact on the private sector

07 August 2020

This report focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on private sector workers and employers in Vietnam.

Saving the Philippine startup ecosystem

06 August 2020

In this podcast, James Lette, Executive Director of Manila Angel Investors Network—a partner of Investing in Women in the Philippines—discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Philippines startup ecosystem and women founders, and outlines a blended finance approach to incentivise investors to back these founders.  

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