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As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the global economy and society, it becomes more evident that the pandemic is affecting women and men differently and that gender-balanced responses are necessary. Governments and humanitarian organisations have come together in creating strategies for responding to the challenges arising from the pandemic, including the gendered impacts that pose as a threat to the safety, welfare and economic standing of women worldwide. In more ways than one, the COVID-19 pandemic stands in the way of Women’s Economic Empowerment.

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Let’s make women’s economic empowerment part of the ‘new normal’

As the second half of 2020 approaches, we realise how much COVID-19 has directly affected society, the economy, and our everyday lives. Women are disproportionately affected and experience from previous pandemics and economic shocks is clear:  women’s economic security and participation in formal work will be adversely affected, and more so than men’s; and these impacts will be more long-lasting.  To mitigate these risks to women, it is critical for governments, humanitarian organisations and the private sector to include women’s economic empowerment as an essential component of COVID-19 responses. Learn more…


Innovation, reinvention and inclusion: Businesses responding to COVID-19

The Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE)—a partner of Investing in Women—and the Philippine Women’s Economic Network (PhilWEN) presented #WEEconomy: Perspectives on Leading and Learning Through the COVID-19 Crisis, a live webinar that explored various approaches for business leaders to address the challenges during and after the pandemic. Learn more…

RISE Fund – A COVID-19 recovery response to support women’s SMEs in South East Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic has spiralled from a public health emergency to a global humanitarian and economic crisis; and in such crises, women commonly face greater challenges. In response, Investing in Women has launched the RISE Fund – Responsive Interventions Supporting Entrepreneurs – to assist in the recovery of women’s SMEs in the South East Asian region. Learn more…


Doubling down on Gender Lens Investing: What can investors do right now in the face of the COVID-19 crisis?

As the world economy grapples with unprecedented shocks during the COVID-19 crisis, many investors, philanthropists and development finance institutions (DFIs) are pouring efforts into creating the best possible strategies for supporting the short-term survival of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and the long-term economic recovery in emerging markets. The role of women’s SMEs in improving outcomes in emerging economies is widely recognised.  Learn more…

Investing in Women advisory on COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we at Investing in Women recognise the challenges our team, partner organisations and communities face. We also acknowledge this pandemic will have different impacts on women and men and on different parts of our societies and economies. Investing in Women is working with our partners to enable them to continue to deliver results for women’s economic empowerment during this challenging period. Learn more…



Latest Resources

COVID-19 and ensuring safe cities and safe public spaces for women and girls

03 June 2020

This brief highlights emerging trends and implications for women and girls’ safety in cities and public spaces, recognising the continuum of violence against women and girls in private and public spaces throughout different phases of the pandemic. It provides examples of concrete action taken at the local level in partnership with governments, grassroots women and ...

Building bridges, not walking on backs: A feminist economic recovery plan for COVID-19

02 June 2020

This document represents a living and evolving agenda for a feminist COVID-19 response and recovery and therefore is not exhaustive, definitive or exclusively representative but highlights key and emerging principles and recommendations.

Guidance note for action: Supporting SMEs to ensure the economic COVID-19 recovery is gender-responsive and inclusive

02 June 2020

This document illustrates how the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in starting and retaining a business are likely to increase in the wake of COVID-19.

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