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Updated monthly, this list contains articles and blog posts from various publications and other online sources. Views expressed in these articles are the authors’ alone and do not necessarily represent the views of Investing in Women or its partners.

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Latest Resources

Philippine Venture Capital Report 2020 (Inaugural Edition)

19 January 2021

The Philippine Venture Capital Report 2020 provides an overview of the country’s venture capital (VC) industry, touted as “the sunrise industry of the Philippines,” and its influence on the growth and development of the Philippine startup ecosystem. This inaugural report documents the latest deal activity, most notable startup transactions and other key developments in VC ...

Why gender is material to investments in the recovery

08 January 2021

This research names the proven economic patterns, their relevance to recovery, their relevance to investments, and key data points to track to understand pandemic-related shifts. In some cases, the data may not be consistently tracked but are still included because this research highlights, in part, data gaps that are crucial to investment analysis. It is ...

THE CASE FOR WORKPLACE GENDER EQUALITY: Risks, opportunities and actions for business during and beyond COVID-19 (Bahasa Indonesia)

06 January 2021

Translated into Indonesian, this brief provides evidence from the Asia-Pacific region on business outcomes of Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) and why, in the context of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to maintain the momentum of WGE. It also explores the major challenges and opportunities relating to WGE in the region, and practical actions ...

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