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Updated monthly, this list contains articles and blog posts from various publications and other online sources. Views expressed in these articles are the authors’ alone and do not necessarily represent the views of Investing in Women or its partners.

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Latest Resources

Leading the fight against the pandemic: Does gender really matter?

05 October 2020

This paper analyses the relationship between national female leaders and their effectiveness in handling the COVID-crisis.

Gender Equity Insights 2020: Delivering the Business Outcomes

05 October 2020

The report shows a strong and convincing causal relationship between increasing the share of women in leadership and subsequent improvements in company performance. The findings in this report provide clear support for the business case for increasing the number of women in senior leadership positions.

Accelerating change on flexible ways of working

01 October 2020

This report aims to help organisations better understand the benefits of flexible ways of working and how it can be effectively implemented. It supports an immediate priority of returning to the office and onsite environments (where and when safe to do so), while wholeheartedly seizing the momentum on flexible working. It envisages a future where ...

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